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Feng Shui Sleeping Direction – Bed Positions For Optimizing Feng Shui

Feng Shui Sleeping Direction

We spend a third of our life sleeping. Not only is it a sizable chunk of time, but it is time spent unconscious. We are at our most vulnerable when we sleep, most susceptible to subtle influences that our waking minds might shrug off. Because of all these factors, feng shui places considerable importance on where a bed is positioned in the room, or more specifically, the direction the bed is pointing. Feng Shui Sleeping Direction

The “direction” of a bed can be confusing. What I mean when I say the direction of the bed is the direction an arrow would be pointing if you were lying in th bed and your head was the head of the arrow, and your feet were the tail of the arrow. There are two kinds of directions going on with bed placement — the first is the direction the bed is pointing, and the other is which area of the room (North, South, East and West) the bed is actually in. Of the two, the pointing direction is much more important, but its influence can be enhanced or diminished by where the bed is in the room. There is actually a third direction which matters, though it matters less, and that is the entire room’s placement in relation to the rest of the house. For this article, I am just going to focus on the direction of the bed.

Now that we’re clear on that, here are the nine major directions and what each one means for bed placement.


Good for spirituality and feelings of peace, this position can be very helpful for insomniacs and for older people who are light sleepers. The risk is that it will be too peaceful — this position is also known as the death pose. Skip this position if your life feels boring.


Avoid the spiky, unstable energy of the North-East when sleeping. This direction is generally not good in feng shui, but exposing yourself to it while you are sleeping would be particularly bad. It could cause nightmares. The one time when it would be helpful is if you wanted to give yourself or some part of your life a kick in the behind — a real spike of motivation. Just don’t keep the bed facing North-East too long.


The best position for children, and for people who want to feel like their whole life is ahead of them. Sleep with your head facing East if you want to grow a lot, either in your career or by making your life much more active. Depressives as well as entrepreneurs should sleep in this direction. Feng Shui Sleeping Direction


People who collaborate and communicate for a living would do well to sleep in this direction. It will make those tasks easier for you, but also afford you some of the robust growth of the East position, but cool it down just a bit for steady, sustainable achievement. This position is also excellent for creative work.


A South-facing bed would be good for a hot weekend romantic retreat, but you don’t want to live with your head in this direction while you sleep. It is too busy, too high energy. You may find yourself arguing with people from this position. Of course, sometimes you need extra confidence and the courage to stand up and argue. If so, try a week of South-facing sleep.


This is an excellent position for family harmony and solid, peaceful relationships. It is best for people who are established, because otherwise the energy of contentment from this direction may be too calming for building a new career or starting new projects.


Income and romance lie to the West. Its a good place to be. There’s also a lot of contentment, which is helpful for sleep. But, like the South-West, the West energy may be too mellow for you if it is a time in your life when you need to “get up and go”. This position is more for “lie back and take it easy”.


This position of authority and wisdom is ideal for parents, older people, and people in powerful positions. The risk is misusing that authority. The North-West direction also pulls off the very calming Northern energy, so you will sleep more deeply pointed North-West than most other directions. Feng Shui Sleeping Direction

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