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Electricity Supply To New Build Homes

To obtain an electricity connection to your new house, you need to show ESB Networks that you have received planning permission from your local planning authority. An application form, Form NC2, should be completed and sent to ESB Networks along with an ordinance survey map at 1:2500 scale for rural areas and 1:1000 for urban areas, indicating the position of your new house. ESB Networks will also require a site plan of your new house at scale of 1:500.

You can tell ESB networks on which external wall of your new house you would like to have the electricity meter fitted.

When you submit your application for an electricity connection, ESB Networks will reply giving you details of the connect charge due, and details of the cable ducts they require fitted at your house. They will also provide you with a meter point reference number (MPRB). ESB Networks charge a standard fee for a normal connection to your house from the nearest power supply point.

If your new house is more situated than 500 metres from the nearest power supply, ESB Networks will send an engineer to your building site to determine an individual quotation for the connection cost.

ESB Networks will also want to know if there are any overhead powerlines running across or near your new house site.

When building at a new site you will need to supply your own electricity either by an onsite mobile electricity generator or from a neighbouring power supply. ESB Networks will usually have an electricity connection installed to your new house within twelve weeks from date of payment. Within two weeks of the connection date ESB will require two certificates from the electrician that worked on your house. These are the cable Duct Completion Certificate and an Electro Technical Council of Ireland (E.T.C.I) certificate. They will also need confirmation that the electricity meter cabinet is installed correctly.

ESB Networks are a company within the ESB group and are concerned with the establishment of a connection from domestic houses and business premises to the electricity power grid. Their remit includes maintaining the electricity supply network to international safety and electrical standards and restoring power if and when faults arise on the electricity grid. ESB Networks is also responsible for the installation, maintenance and reading of electricity meters fitted to domestic houses.

You will need to make separate arrangements for the supply of electricity to your new house from a company such as Airtricity, ESB Supply, Energia or Bord Gais.

This article is only intended as a basic general summary and you should always seek professional advice where necessary.

Source by Sean Roberts

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