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DogPedic Sleep System Review – Buy DogPedic Bed & Mattress Online

The DogPedic bed is a memory foam bed is designed specifically for dogs. The DogPedic mattress package includes the Dog Pedic memofoam bed, machine washable suede cover, and a free waterproof liner.

The DogPedic sleep system completely supports your dog to provide it with a comfortable place to rest and sleep. The DogPedic bed is designed to provide relief from arthritis pain and hip dysplasia as well as muscle stiffness.

The DogPedic sleep system is machine washable, has an extra long zipper to make pad removal easier, and has a non-slip grip bottom for safety. The DogPedic bed also has a waterproof liner keeping it free from stains, odors, and stops liquids from entering the foam. In addition, the waterproof liner prevents the growth of allergens.

The Dog Pedic mattress and sleep system comes in three sizes:

  • Small Size: For dogs up to 35 pounds.
  • Medium Size: For dogs up to 75 pounds
  • Large Size: For dogs up to 150 pounds.

The DogPedic sleep system comes with a lifetime warranty, and is guaranteed to provide comfort, relief, and happiness for your dog.

The DogPedic sleeping system is the most comfortable bed your dog will ever own.  The DogPedic beds are designed specifically for your pet’s comfort and body condition. The memory foam pad has a unique feature of reacting to surrounding temperatures. The air coils are able to store in air and can be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The memory foam allows the dogs weight to be evenly spread out increasing circulation and supporting their joints relieving tension from them. These beds have a fibre foam fill that will not catch odors or your pets hair. The DogPedic sleep system will ensure your pet gets good nights sleep.

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