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Disadvantages of Cotton Mattresses

From the times when mattresses had been first invented, cotton had been an integral part of it. Nowadays, the cotton used is processed and adhere to various regulations before being used in a mattress. Being an organic material also makes cotton a very strong competitor in the mattress industry.

Cotton has always been a very comfortable and popular choice for mattresses all over the world. Cotton is a natural fiber that is very compatible with our bodies and our body structure. However, the same cannot be said for latex, foam and other synthetic fabrics. When we surround ourselves with organic cotton, we sleep at our optimum and tend to wake up healthier.

However, though cotton mattresses are a rage, they have some disadvantages.

Conventional Cotton is saturated with chemicals. These chemicals are poisonous to the human system and many of them are emanated by bodily heat. They may lead to suffocation or other infections.

Organic Cotton Mattresses are not fire retardant. However, the other mattresses that are made from synthetic materials may be protected against fire by a range of substances such as formaldehyde.

Organic cotton has a very subtle, natural odor which is completely harmless and subsides quickly, which is an advantage. In comparison, conventional synthetic and non-organic cotton mattresses give off an odor of synthetic chemicals – just as you will find in new cars and carpet. While this odor subsides over a period of time, it never completely goes away. These chemicals when heated by our body, cause the chemical to outgas, which we inhale.

Though organic Cotton is neutral and ideal for those with Allergies, Chemical Sensitivities and Asthmatic tendencies, they sometimes are the main cause of such diseases as dust mites and other micro organisms can easily reside in them. In comparison, mattresses made up of newer constituents don not provide any space for micro organisms and are completely germ free.

Organic cotton mattresses have excellent wicking qualities, absorbing moisture at night and dissipating it by day, which is aided by the air circulation through the springs. However, this is also provided by modern memory foam mattress without the risk of a bacterial of dust mite infection.

With the introduction of memory foam mattresses, the sale of Cotton Mattresses has taken a back seat. Memory foam mattresses last longer, conform to your body shape and temperature and are even bacteria free. Moreover, traditional cotton mattresses also prove to be a big fire hazard as compared to the modern day mattresses.

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