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Did You Poop Today? 7 Easy Constipation Solutions

It is estimated that around 100 million Americans are constipated and over 4 million more reported each year. Many do not even realize, thinking that having a poop 4-5 times a week or even less is normal. Well I am sorry to say that it is not. Normal, according to natural health therapists is regarded as 2-3 bowel movements a day.

Here are a few easy constipation solutions which can help to give you a regular poop or three a day.

– Drink More Water

Most people constipation sufferers are dehydrated leading to the infrequent and hard to pass stool.

Filtered or distilled being the preference as most tap water these days contains more harmful chemicals which can add to or cause other problems.

– Change The Diet

Increase your fibre intake. Raw fruits and vegetables are a good start. Bran, flaxseeds, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds will all go a long way to keeping you more regular. Preferably stay off highly cooked, junk, take away and processed foods most of which have virtually no nutritional value or at the very minimum add some of this healthy fibre to your meals.

– Exercise

The dreaded word for many. Yet exercise, as little as just a 20 minute fast paced walk each day, can play an important role in keeping the bowel moving.

– Check Prescription Medications

Constipation is a side effect of many medications. If you are having infrequent and/or hard to pass bowel movements and are taking one or several medications then check with you health care provider for a more natural alternative. Medications should help the body not cause discomfort.

– Take Care With Laxatives & Herbal Remedies

Laxatives are very hard on the body and can result in very uncomfortable side effects such as, diarrhea, dehydration and even chronic constipation through over use. Some herbal remedies can interfere with medications. Ingredients used in many can also cause constipation as they are designed to swell up in the bowels to force any blockage out but can in fact add to the problem.

– Get To The Bathroom

When ever you feel the urge then go. Never hold onto a bowel movement. You may ask what if I am in the car or nowhere near a loo? As you become more regular you will find the urge to go will occur soon after eating so a bathroom should be handy.

– Regular Colon Cleansing

With a safe, natural oxygen based colon cleanser. A good habit to get into once or twice a week to remove hardened faeces from the large intestine. Non-addictive and with the added benefits of oxygen therapy providing an unhealthy environment for harmful organisms as well as assisting the good bacteria and helping the body as a whole.

By following these simple constipation solutions, or at least adding a few of them into your daily routine, you can go a long way to avoiding becoming one of the statistics regarding digestive disorders. The most important tip here is the regular colon cleansing with an oxygen based cleanser as it has so many benefits apart from just removing stored waste and keeping you pooping on a regular basis.

Source by Steven M. Plumridge

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