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Climate Controlled Dog Houses

It is important to always keep your pets comfortable and healthy. If you want your dog to stay comfortable all during the year you may opt to purchase a climate-controlled system for your dogs house. They can be ordered special to go with your dogs’ house or if you choose, you can just order the cooling and heating unit alone to attach to your pets house. These units are made to regulate the climate in your dogs’ house. A pet can be like a member of the family why wouldn’t we want to keep them as healthy and happy as possible. The way the climate controlled system works is that it is attached to your dog’s house providing safety and comfort for your pet all year round. The system acts as a heater in the cold weather that will keep your pets home comfortable and as an air conditioner for hot summer days. A thermostat operates the unit for the right temperature all during the year.

The climate-controlled system operates with efficiency and quality standards. It is made to operate in the same way a heating and cooling system placed in your home would act. Being energy efficient it only uses about the power of several light bulbs with low cooling cost each day. Depending on how long you operate climate-controlled system each day it may cost a little more or a little less. Your pet’s dog house or shelter should be insulated and built well before using a climate-controlled system to be more energy efficient. A climate-controlled unit for your dog house will be quiet and made to hold up well in all types of weather. There are different settings on the unit such as cold, off, hot and also a setting to get just the right temperature to provide your pet with the most comfort possible.

The climate-controlled unit is easy to install. It comes with a flexible air duct that will let you put the unit outside of the dog house. Most of the time they are placed on the back of the dog house so that your pet can easily use the front to get in and out. Some systems come with a dehumidifier and filters that can be washed removing pet dandruff and allergens. These systems require little maintenance with just having to replace the air filter every month or so. Choosing a climate controlled dog house can be a smart decision for a happy and healthier pet.

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