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Clean Your Memory Foam Pillow

Is your memory foam pillow getting a little dirty,  dingy, or smelly?  If so then you should wash it.  There is an easy way to wash memory foam so that you don’t damage it.  Many people think that you can wash memory foam but that’s not true.  It’s quite easy, and in this article you’ll find the directions for cleaning your pillow.

The first thing you’re  going to want to do is take the cover off the pillow and throw that in the washing machine.  Then take your memory foam pillow and either put it in the shower (if you have a detachable shower head) or take it outside to your water hose.

Find yourself an empty plastic water bottle or spray bottle and fill it with Woolite fabric cleaner and water.  You want the mixture of water and Woolite to be about one part to two parts.  Take the Woolite and water mixture and spray all over the pillow.  Allow this to sit on the pillow for 30 minutes.  Once the 30 minutes has passed spray the pillow off with the water hose or the detachable shower head.  To remove excess water from the pillow do not wring or twist the pillow as this will damage or destroy the memory foam.  Simply fold it over and press down.

Fill the plastic spray bottle with vinegar and water.  The mixture of vinegar and water should be one part vinegar to four parts water.  Spray the pillow front and back with the water vinegar mixture.  Rinse the pillow off with the water hose or the detachable shower head.  To remove the excess water do as you did before and fold it over and press down.

To aid in the drying of the pillow you can place a before electric fan or use the hairdryer.  If you use the hairdryer do not use it on high setting and do not get it too close to the foam.

Source by W.P. Allen

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