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Can Fake Security Cameras Improve Home Security?

 With home burglary on the rise many homeowners are afraid that they will one day come home and see their door unlocked and all their valuables stolen! An average robbery can cost you around $3,000 and several hundreds of dollars that are needed for repairs. Among the stolen items might be some that are of sentimental value to you which is always difficult to accept. What’s even worse is that the police in the USA solve only 13% of all residential burglaries and return only a handful of items to their owners. This means that once your belongings have been stolen there is little chance you will ever see them again.

 In an effort to deliver the best possible, affordable home security device, many companies have tried their best. There are a lot of affordable motion alarms on the market, but nothing is quite as effective as a fake surveillance camera! Yes, a fake camera is much more effective at preventing burglaries than a fully functional alarm. Now, you might be asking yourself why this is possible, but the answer is quite obvious: it is impossible to tell the difference between a real and a fake security camera!

What Makes Fake Camera so Effective?

 Because fake security cameras are created from the cases and parts of real security camera, they appear as the real thing. A home that has several of these looks like a fortress  in the eyes of thieves and posses a very dangerous target. It has been reported that homeowners that own at least one of these dummy security cameras are much less likely to be burglarized than those who had no form of home security at all. The chance at hand are around 50% which is quite good and certainly guarantees that you will have less trouble sleeping at night.

Fake Security Camera

 All of these cameras are meant to be used in outdoor environments, but certain models have been created for small businesses who would like to keep a few in their office. What all these models have in common is a professional, high-quality casing that is resistant to heavy rain, hot temperatures and other extreme weather conditions.  The mounting brackets are easy to install and you will also get several meters of fake wire to make it seem like everything is connected and running smoothly.

 The final, but certainly the most interesting feature of these cameras is their rotating LED light which moves the camera around bases on detected motion. Along with the movement of the camera, a bright LED light will blink in order to scare of burglars and vandals who mean you or your premises harm.

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