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Bean Paste Technological Process Of Production

Soybeans into the cylinder, add water no more than 15 cm over beans, mix cleaning cleaning, and wash the beans into another clean jar, add fresh water immersion, water: soybean = 3:1 (weight ratio ); generally soaked for 14 hours in winter, spring and autumn, soak 11 hours in summer, soak 10 hours, can extend or shorten the immersion quality appropriate soaking time.

Requirements To soy beans without soaking the sandwich, the center full of water absorption, beans expansion crease, flexible, two-finger squeeze twist, meat and skin separated easily, the weight increased to 2.0 times the original, soaked soybeans water should reach 55-60 %.

Soybean cooking Operation Normal pressure cooking, steaming pot beans per 600 kg. Open the inlet valves, exhaust valve release condensate to the bottom of the condensation water drained steamer, steam began to discharge, the discharge valve (remote) secondary steam discharged, was sprayed when all steam, full steam after the Exhaust valve off and started small time, steam 60 minutes, stew 15-20 minutes. Cooked beans, according to the circumstances, appropriate to extend or shorten the time of bean stew.

Requirements Steamed soy beans, to all the evenly cooked beans, Secheng light brown, with the unique aroma of cooked beans, grain intact, into the mud squeeze can prevail.

Starter Music room, music pool and equipment must be clean and sterilized.

Steamed soybeans spread, the uniformity of sprinkle Flour , Flour dosage: Soybean: Flour = 6:4 (by weight), cooked beans per pot sprinkle flour 400 kg, twice turning mixed after cooling.

June-September when the bean flour mixture to cool to 38-40 , other months when cooled to 36-38 , the kind of music sprinkled evenly beans, flour mixture to the surface, turned to full hybrid mix .

Koji amount of mixture of 0.3%, types of music used before with 5 times the amount of flour grated mixed, in order to facilitate uniform inoculation.

Inoculation good song material through the feeding trucks into the music pool, into the pool to be fast, time is not more than 30 minutes, required thickness and loose consistency. Material thickness is 30 cm or less, into the pool is divided into 43-48%.

Static culture of Into the pool temperature requirements 31 ~ 33 , the temperature suitable song material into the pool, you do not need to open air temperature level, such as higher than the required temperature, then transferred to ventilated with circulating air in a timely manner 33 . Static incubation period is about 6 hours. Quiescent intervals of 1 hour, through wind circulation 2 to 3 minutes, the song material and oxygenation. Quiescent product temperature suitable for the 30 ~ 33 .

Mycelium growth stage Song material into the pool after 6 to 10 hours, the stage of product temperature 33 ~ 35 is appropriate, use air cooling cycle, the phase of post-regulate the use of a continuous wind, avoid the use of hybrid wind or cold. As the material into the pool when the local high point appears uneven, with sub-material processing.

Mycelium breeding season: When cultured for 10 to 12 hours, the mycelium of the large population, rapid temperature rise to a continuous loop through the wind, supplemented by mixed wind, this phase of product temperature to 33 ~ 35 is appropriate, not exceeding 38 .

Turn Qu: Continuous Ventilation cultured for 3 to 4 hours, song started caking material, ventilation resistance increases, cooling difficulties, should be turned song.

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