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Avon Motorcycle Road Tyres

AZARO SPORT TOURING, Great value for the sportbiker, a perfect match for large capacity machines like Super Blackbird. Voted Rider Power best value for money and mileage tyre 2005 . Specially designed for high performance and extended tyre life . Engineered to cope with the loads of a sport tourer . Superb all weather grip . Gives excellent mileage . Available in a wide range of sizes .

COBRA,AV71,AV72, Aimed at the power cruiser/custom market , Incorporates sports tyre technology for nimble handling . Special construction to deal with heavy loads . Incredible stability and longevity – perfect for touring . Unique ‘snakeskin-effect’ sidewall and aggressive tread pattern. . Extra wide sizes for custom bikes . Unique Honda Goldwing fitment . Tread pattern reduces noise level to a minimum. Ideal tyre for heavy loads and machines such as Harleys, Honda F6C Valkyrie etc.

GANGSTER, If you’re going cruising you owe it to yourself and your bike to do it in style, which is why the Gangster is perfect for you. Designed for bigger bikes, it features a 2 3/4″ glamourous whitewall for maximum visual effect. The Gangster isn’t all about looks; its performance characteristics match up to what you’d expect from an Avon tyre.

ROAD RIDER AM26 FRONTS/REARS, UNIVERSAL TUBELESS TYRE BIAS-PLY . Ideal for mid-range bikes . Large contact patch for excellent grip at all lean angles . 149mph=240kmh speed rating across the range . Central tread groove to resist ‘white-lining’ . Comprehensive range of sizes .

ROAD RUNNER AM20 / AM21 & RUNNER UNIVERSAL AM9,Excellent performer in various conditions. Have full confidence in the Roadrunner.A great value all-rounder, the Roadrunner Universal can be fitted either to the front or rear of your bike. The only thing you need to take care with is that you fit the tyre in accordance with the direction arrow on the sidewall. The Roadrunner Universal carries an ‘H’ speed rating, which means it’s good for speeds of up to 130mph (210kmh).

SAFETY MILEAGE MKII / AM7, BIAS-PLY TUBED REAR TYRE When you’ve got a Speedmaster up front the Safety Mileage MKII is what you need on the back. In its broadest fitting – 5.00 S16 size – it has a different tread pattern to other sizes, but all share performance characteristics in tune with older bikes, while enjoying the advances made in rubber technology.

SIDECAR TRIPLE DUTY, UNIVERSAL TUBED TYRE BIAS-PLYSidecar Triple Duty Universal. Its full name is a bit of a mouthful and although especially suited to the front wheel it can be used in any position on a sidecar outfit. It looks the business and does the business, simple as that.

SPEED MASTER AM6, Sidecar Triple Duty Universal. Its full name is a bit of a mouthful and although especially suited to the front wheel it can be used in any position on a sidecar outfit. It looks the business and does the business, simple as that.

STORM – ST SPORT TOURING, The long-lasting, all-weather, high performance sports touring tyre., Incorporates the very latest bike tyre technology ‘Reactive Footprint’. The tyres contact patch changes size and shape depending on lean angle – for the life of the tyre . Unique construction means excellent performance combined with very long life . ‘Super-Rich Silica’ rubber compound gives superb wet road grip . Front tread pattern optimised for shorter stopping distances in the wet Excellent stability and handling whatever the lean angle .

VENOM AM41 FRONT, Low noise levels . Long life thanks to low rolling resistance . Excellent cornering stability . Largerange of sizes . Reinforced fitments available for bikes carrying heavy loads . Availability of whitewalls in some sizes . Bikes that are used for long distance touring and could be hauling heavy loads need a tyre specifically designed for the task – that tyre is the Avon Venom. Special attention has been paid to the Venom’s tread pattern to ensure that it produces low noise levels, a critical quality if you’re going far.

VENOM AM42 REAR. . Low noise levels . Long life thanks to low rolling resistance .Excellent cornering stability . Large range of sizes . Reinforced fitments available for bikes carrying heavy loads . Availability of whitewalls in some sizes . Thanks to its carcass construction and tread rubber formulation, the Venom is what’s known as a low-rolling resistance tyre – this means it has long life characteristics and aids fuel consumption. The Venom is also designed to be very stable through corners and to give progressive (and therefore reassuring) turn-in.

VENOM R, Aimed at the power cruiser market . Some sizes to fit custom bikes . Low noise levels . Robust radial construction to cope with heavy loads . Good stability in corners . Some sizes speed rated to 168mph/270kph . Long life. With a tread pattern designed to reduce noise levels to a minimum and a carcass engineered to carry heavy loads, the Venom-R is ideal for power cruisers such as the Harley Davidson V-Rod, Honda’s F6C Valkryie and GL 1800 models; its size range also makes it suitable for some custom bike applications. . Because Avon realises that these bikes are for riding as well as just looking good on, the Venom-R has excellent handling characteristics, offering great cornering stability and the sort of neutral turn-in behaviour you need on a large, heavily-laden bike. Some sizes are speed rated up to 168mph (270kph), yet the Venom-R also gives pleasingly long tyre life.


High performance . Outstanding handling characteristics , Large footprint at extreme lean angles , High performance silica compound , Ideal for high performance bikes , If you ride a high performance bike every day, your tyres need to offer the right balance between strong grip, eager handling characteristics and long life. And that blend of qualities is what’s provided by the Avon Viper Sport. , isually identical to the Viper Supersport, the Sport’s rubber compound has been specially formulated go the distance while retaining a good grip of the road. Its carcass design gives a large footprint when your bike’s cranked over in the corners, and like the rest of the Viper range it’s extremely stable at speed and when braking and accelerating hard.

VIPER SUPERSPORT AV59 / AV60,. Superb performance on the road . Can also be used for trackdays . Carcass designed for excellent rigidity . High performance tread compound . Precise handling characteristics . Stable at speed . With the performance of modern superbikes reaching staggering levels, Avon has designed a focused high performance road tyre that has enough ability in reserve to also be used for trackdays. The Viper Supersport’s tread grooves stop short of the tyre’s shoulders to improve cornering stability, and this in turn adds to the Supersport’s quick responses and agility. The Supersport’s rubber compound isn’t as sticky as that of its track-oriented brother, the Viper Xtreme, but nevertheless it’s formulated with the emphasis on maximum grip. High speed stability has been engineered into the Supersport, too, making it a confidence inspiring tyre when you’re really pushing hard.


Ultra-high performance tyre, Recommended for trackday use . Superb dry weather performance thanks to super-sticky rubber compound . Very quick to reach working temperature . Large footprint at extreme lean angles . Stable under hard braking . Matched profiles provide composed turning characteristics. . Developed on the track for hard use both on the circuit whilst remaining road legal, the Viper Xtreme is uncompromising in its pursuit of ultimate dry surface grip and high-speed performance. The Viper Xtreme’s rubber compound is specially formulated to be both super-sticky and to reach its optimum operating temperature extremely quickly, making it ideal for trackday use.. Of course, extreme grip is just part of the story. The Viper Xtreme is also designed to be very stable during hard use; its tread contour, for example, is profiled to give a large footprint when your bike’s cranked right over and also to provide confidence-inspiring handling as you flick from one side to the other. Stability is also key to the Viper Xtreme’s performance under heavy braking, while the front tyre’s profile is carefully designed to reduce shimmying through the handlebars as you throttle away hard from corners.

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I hope you find this list useful in finding the Avon motorcycle tyre for you and your purpose.

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